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By accessing the A+ International ("A+") website, the internet user acknowledges that he/she has taken notice of the information below and he/she grants permission to A+ to process the personal information provided by him/her as determined below.

It is not excluded that the text of the Privacy policy can change in the future. A+ recommends all internet users to consult the text of this statement regularly in order to be kept informed of any possible changes.

A+ respects the privacy of the internet user and of any other natural person involved, conformant to the applicable laws and regulations.

Personal data
The personal information provided by the internet user to A+ via its website and/or within the framework of the services offered on this website is processed by A+, or its agents, suppliers and partners (collectively referred to as “A+ Partners”) for the following purposes: brokerage services, management of personal insurances, processing of requests and claims, central customer management, marketing of insurance services, global customer overview, transaction control and prevention of irregularities.

These data must not be communicated to third parties other than the persons appointed by the internet user and the companies whose intervention is required to achieve one of the above objectives. The internet user approves the exchange of his/her personal information. The internet user also grants his/her unequivocal and incontestable permission to A+ Partners, in order to process the personal information within the framework of the implementation of applicable agreements, to forward these data to countries outside the European Union, provided that this is useful or necessary for the implementation of the agreements in which the internet user is an insured party.

A+ Partners are companies that are active in insurance brokerage and miscellaneous insurance activities, asset management, risk management and claims handling and/or related activities. The purpose of this exchange of information is to enable the participating companies to carry out central customer management, to acquire a global vision of the customer, to carry out studies, statistics and/or marketing activities, to offer and provide the aforementioned services and to ensure the regularity of the transactions (including the prevention of irregularities).

The updated list of the companies that take part in information exchange can be obtained on simple request sent to A+. These companies guarantee the best possible protection of the exchanged personal information and are bound by professional secrecy with respect to these data.

Personal information from which the racial or ethnic origin can be deduced are never processed, except if they can be deduced from data with which the natural person concerned is identified (mainly the first name, surname, address and nationality). In this last case, the natural person concerned grants permission for the processing of these data, under the terms of article 6 of the Privacy Act of 8 December 1992. The categories of persons having access to these data are staff that are entrusted with the realization of one or more of the aforementioned objectives and, in some cases, the persons appointed by the natural person concerned and/or staff of other companies whose intervention is required to achieve one or more of the above objectives.

Personal information from which the political opinion, the religious or philosophical conviction or the membership of a trade union can be deduced or the information concerning the sexual practices, are never processed, except if they can be deduced from payment transactions. In such case, the natural person concerned grants permission to process these data within the framework of the processing of payment transactions. The categories of persons having access to these data are the persons appointed by the natural person concerned, staff entrusted with the processing of payment transactions and, in some cases, staff (entrusted with such processing) of other companies whose intervention is required to process the payment transactions.

Right to access and amend the personal information
Each natural person has the right to access the data concerning himself or herself that are processed by A+ Partners and, should the case arise, he/she can have incorrect data amended and data that are processed illegally deleted.

At any time, on simple request and free of charge, he/she can oppose the processing of data concerning him or her for purposes of commercial prospecting ("direct marketing") and/or withdraw his/her consent for the exchange of data concerning him or her with a view to direct marketing. Such request will be taken into account as quickly as possible.

No legal provision implies an obligation to provide answers to questions asked by A+ Partners, but, according to the case, not answering these questions can result in the impossibility for or refusal by A+ Partners to enter into a (pre-)contractual relationship, to pursue such a relationship or to carry out an operation requested by the internet user or by a third party for the benefit of the internet user.

The personal information provided by the internet user is processed in the strictest confidentiality by A+ Partners. Because the internet does not provide absolute security, the protection of privacy can only be guaranteed if the personal information is provided through communication channels that security has been expressly ascertained by the user.

Cookies are small data files that are placed on your hard disk during your visit to a website. The A+ website uses ‘session cookies’, which remain active temporarily. Session cookies are removed from your computer as soon as you close your web browser. Moreover, our session cookies do not contain any personal information. The cookies that are created on the A+ website make it possible to tailor the services to the specific needs of the internet user, which can be identified via these cookies.

Most web browsers are set by default to accept cookies. By changing the settings of his/her web browser, the internet user can request to be warned whenever a cookie is sent or even prevent cookies from being created or kept on his/her hard drive. However, A+ Partners cannot guarantee access to their website to internet users who refuse the use of ‘session cookies’.

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