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To satisfy all your needs, we propose health plans which are worldwide, reliable and flexible: Hospitalisation, Global 80, Global 100 and Global 100 Plus. Each plan can be shaped by adding optional covers and choosing from several options.

Three geographical areas of residence to suit your needs

To better define your health plan, A+ International delimits three geographical areas of residence; premiums are set according to where you live.

First, you select your area of residence at the time of inception of policy:

Area 1: Worldwide (excluding Hong Kong/China and USA/Canada)
Area 2: Hong Kong and China
Area 3: USA and Canada

Two geographical cover areas

Next, you choose your geographical coverage for treatment: a worldwide cover, with or without the USA and Canada.

If you opt for a cover without the USA and Canada, we cover medical expenses incurred due to medical emergencies whilst visiting these countries for temporary stays of up to 90 days in aggregate per year.

Optional covers

Dental and Optical
The Dental and Optical Plan can be taken out by the persons who are accepted into the Medical Insurance Plan (Only with Global 80, Global 100 and Global 100 Plus).

Accidental Death & Dismemberment cover
This insurance can be taken out as an additional cover to any of the Medical Insurance plans. It guarantees the payment of a lump sum in case of accidental death or in case of permanent invalidity caused by an accident.

Temporary Incapacity Cover (Loss of Income Protection)
This insurance can be taken out as an additional cover on top of the Medical Insurance plans. It guarantees payment of a monthly allowance in case the insured is totally unable to perform his/her professional activities because of illness or accident, for up to 24 months.

Permanent Disability Cover (Permanent Invalidity caused by an Illness or accident)
This insurance can be taken out only as a supplement to the Temporary Incapacity Cover and guarantees the payment of a lump sum to the Insured who is affected by a permanent disability, caused by an illness or accident.

Additional options

Choice of currency
Plans can be subscribed in US dollars, Euro, Great Britain Pound (GBP) or Swiss Francs (CHF). Euro, GBP and CHF only available to residents in the European Union and Switzerland. Claims will be reimbursed in the currency of the policy.

You can reduce your premium by choosing an annual deductible that applies on all benefits. There are different levels of deductible, depending on your plan.

US $ € Euro £ GBP CHF
0 0 0 0
675 500 450 750
1,350 1,000 900 1,500
2,700* 2,000* 1,800* 3,000*
6,750* 5,000* 4,500* 7,500*
*Only available with Global 80, Global 100 and Global 100 Plus

The higher the deductible, the lower your premium. Deductibles are applied per insured, per insurance year.

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We believe that if you have no plans to seek medical care in the USA or Canada, you should not have to pay premiums that reflect the high costs of medical care in these countries. By excluding the USA and Canada from your cover, you can reduce your premiums while enjoying the same high level and quality of cover elsewhere. Note that you are still covered for emergencies during travel to the USA and Canada not exceeding (in total) 90 days per insurance year.
If your country is not listed here, please contact us.