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Specific application forms are available for enrolment of Individuals and Groups who may choose either Underwritten or Moratorium enrolment.

Underwritten enrolment

The Medical Questionnaire included in the application form must be completed fully and accurately, failing to do so may invalidate the policy.

Moratorium enrolment

Under Moratorium enrolment the questionnaire included in the application form is limited to a few questions related to major illnesses.

After two years' continuous membership, any pre-existing Medical Conditions (and Related Conditions) will become eligible for Benefit, subject to the terms and conditions of your plan, provided you have not during that period:

a. consulted any Medical Practitioner or Specialist for Treatment or Advice (including check-ups) or
b. experienced further symptoms or
c. taken medication or been advised to follow special treatment (including drugs, medicine, special diets, injections, etc.)

Online application and download application forms (Individuals)
Online application and download application forms (Groups)

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