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The A+ benefits

Because our plans are specifically designed for persons who are concerned with their own protection and that of their family, and who want to leave nothing to chance, we have included in our health plans major features such as lifetime insurability, worldwide cover, and 100% in- and out-of-hospital coverage. This commitment underlines why we are different to other insurance providers and why our health plans are reliable.

Renewability Not Guaranteed Guaranteed
Chronic Conditions Limited Cover Covered
Traditional Chinese Medicine Limited or Not
Congenital Conditions Limited or Excluded Covered
Complication of pregnancy Waiting Period No Waiting Period
Claims Reporting Max. 180 Days Max. 2 Years
Age limit for Group
Entry age limit or renewal limit 64 years No entry or renewal  age limit
AIDS/HIV Limited cover Covered

The A+ International 24h service

Wherever you are and whatever your problem is, A+ International and partners provide service and assistance with a dedicated team and servicing platform. Our multilingual staff respond 24/7, 365 days a year, to emergencies and enquiries from our clients around the world with the support of an extensive global network of first class medical care providers.

We strive to respond to each of your needs within the optimum time. We make sure that your health comes first.

Guarantee of payment

A+ International and its partners have a wide range of agreements with selected health care providers and facilities located all over the world. Once enrolled, you may consult the list of providers on your “My A+ Page”.

To facilitate the guarantee of payment in the case of a planned hospital admission, you should send, at least 15 days in advance, a notification of hospitalization; all administrative and financial aspects can therefore be arranged well in advance, guaranteeing a smooth admission and avoiding the need for cash deposit payments.

In the event of an emergency admission, contact claims manager to initiate the guarantee of payment procedure.

How does it work?

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